Off-Grid SolarMPOD the solution to energy



Option 1: Fully Loaded

Option 2: Frame with Wheels and Protective Doors (No electronics, solar panels, or wired outlets)

Fully Loaded includes : Solar Panels, Inverter, Breaker Box, Digital controllers, Batteries, Charge Controller, Outlets, & Frame with Wheels.

Production Estimate of Solar Power for Summer & Winter (daily):  

Summer is 4.32 kWh

Winter is 2.16 kWh

Potential Uses: Refrigerator, desktop computer, laptop, Iphone, Satellite Dish, Radiotelephone (receive or transmit), Table Saws, Circular Saw, Power Tools, recharging phones, television set, lamps, coffee makers, blenders, washing machines, a/c (size dependent), crockpots, ovens and ceiling fans.  

Energy is utilized from the outlets built into the system. Also the whole system can wired into the Main Breaker Box. The Battery Bank can be recharged by AC grid plug or generator.

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